Why Putting PowerPoints Online Helps Your Business

5 benefits to putting your powerpoints online at slideshare.comEveryone is putting PowerPoints online at slideshare.com

SlideShare.com gets nearly 60 million unique visitors every month. If it was a country, it would be bigger than Canada, Spain and Australia. And that being the case, it simply can’t be ignored. Clearly, it offers a significant opportunity for your business to put your PowerPoints Online.

Here are five reasons why you should put your PowerPoints online at slideshare.com.

1. Slideshare is the largest presentation community on the web

Wouldn’t it great if you could deliver a powerful message to your prospects through a medium besides print marketing or cold calls? Print is expensive, and most of what you send gets recycled anyway. Cold calling is becoming less effective every day. That’s because it is seen by people as intrusive marketing, rather than permission marketing. The problem has become so acute that a “do not call” list has been created.

2. Slideshare is the YouTube of presentations

Video is still an effective marketing approach; but using Slideshare to put your PowerPoints online can be just as compelling if your presentation design is spot on. Video, however, is harder to create. It requires a lot of time and money to develop an animation or to use real actors. 

3. Easy to synchronize narration

If you use software such as Camtasia, you’ll discover just how difficult it can be to talk and change your slides simultaneously. Slideshare lets you upload both the narration and slides. Slideshare automatically calculates the time your narration takes according to the number of slides. All you have to do is edit the position of the slides so they match up with what you’re saying. The feature of Slideshare gives you an easier and less expensive option than traditional video or Camtasia. 

4. You can use it on your intranet

For some companies, the cost and the expertise that’s needed to set up and maintain an intranet exceeds their resources. And that can mean that if you want to share your PowerPoints online, you either have to email them to all concerned, hand deliver or even mail them, or give them in person. Using Slideshare solves that problem. 

5. You can provide a link to your company’s website

When you upload your presentation to Slideshare, you’re taken through a wizard that lets you include a link to your website. This not only adds authority to your site, but also enables those who see your presentation to find you. Presentations are no longer limited to the boardroom or the Rotary Club. You can now broadcast them to your entire niche. With 60 million visitors a month, you can’t go wrong by putting a link to your website on SlideShare.com. 

Putting your PowerPoints online at sites such as Slideshare.com is a great way to gain exposure for your company, get SEO (search engine optimization) benefits and get your company’s message in front of a larger audience in a visually engaging way.