How to Use PowerPoint Pictures Effectively

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words couldn’t be more true than in a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint pictures add interest and make your presentation more professional.  

Five ways to use PowerPoint pictures effectively

1. Use PowerPoint pictures to convey a message

Every picture conveys a different message; even those that contain similar parts. Let me give you an example. Imagine a microphone. In this case, the backlight is a smoky red color. What does that make you think of? A nightclub, perhaps? What’s the mood of that picture in your mind’s eye? 

Now imagine the same microphone surrounded by bulletin boards plastered with notes, and a sign over a door that says in red, “On Air.” What does that make you think of? Make sure that the one you use conveys the right message.

2. Place pictures correctly in your PowerPoint

The placement of pictures is very important. In the West, we read from left to right. Whatever is on the right will receive the emphasis in the viewers’ minds. That’s why sign-up boxes are on the right side of squeeze pages. It’s because that’s the direction that the eyes of visitors will go in.

3. Use pictures to help you audience visualize your point

PowerPoint pictures help your audience visualize the main message of the slide. For example, if you show a graph that illustrates obesity over time in the United States, then a picture of a huge sandwich will press home the message.

4. Use pictures to emphasize quotes

Pictures can emphasize the importance of a quotation. Images of people can be particularly powerful. In this case, you want a picture of the person who said it in action, speak or acting in the manner of what he or she is saying. Portraits are weak images. You shouldn’t have to use them unless they’re from the 19th century.

5. Use high quality pictures

Pictures must be high quality. You should avoid using stock photos that you can get off of the Internet. These can be spotted a mile off. Instead, take them yourself. For example, if you need pictures of dogs, then go to a kennel. If you need pictures of buildings, then walk downtown. And pictures taken locally can add authority to your presentation because the audience can relate to them personally. 

Good design and effective use of PowerPoint pictures is important to creating an effective PowerPoint Presentation. Some more; some less. Include pictures the next time you make one, and consider these five points to ensure that they send the message that you want them to in every respect.