Create Great PowerPoint Sales Presentations

One way or the other, your presentations have to sell. It could be that you need to persuade your employees or your boss to embrace a new idea. Or maybe you want to sell a proposal to your clients that will improve their customer service. Or perhaps you’re pitching for and new job, and a presentation is part of your interview. Whatever the underlying reason, your goal is always to influence your audience so that they will do something as a result.

Here are three keys to creating PowerPoint sales presentations that sell.

1. The design enhances the message

This is true of anything: the better the design, the less you notice it.

We may recognize the functionality, usefulness, or even the beauty of something, but in most cases we’ll attribute them to the intrinsic value of the item itself, rather than to the way it was constructed. We’ll comment on how it makes our lives easier, or on its elegance.

And that’s the way it should be. I once heard a commentator make the remark that a pianist had played so well that he didn’t get in the way of the music.

That’s how the best presentations sell. Your audience should be so taken up by the overall message that they don’t even suspect that you used PowerPoint design to achieve it. Instead, they come away having had an experience, rather than a slideshow.

2. The design helps you to tell the story

The best presentations tell a story. They take your audience on a journey. And just like a movie, they start by setting the scene, introducing and then developing a problem, and then bring the whole thing to a favorable conclusion.

Your presentation can send a powerful message if everything in it leads to the punch line. And when it does, you probably won’t even have to say it. They’ll know.

3. The design is simple

Simplicity is a virtue. But it shouldn’t be confused with a lack of sophistication or professionalism. It simply refers to the difficulty that’s been built in behind the scenes. The more complicated you make your design, the harder it will be to make last minute changes, and the more likely you’ll foul things up on the fly.

The name of the game in sales is flexibility, and you have to be able to adjust your presentation on the spur of the moment.

No matter what your reason, you need a great PowerPoint sales presentation. Use these three tips to make it great!