7 Ways to Put Pizzazz into an Old PowerPoint Presentation

You know how it is. You have a filing cabinet full of great PowerPoint presentations from days gone by. The content is still good, but the PowerPoint design needs to be updated. What can you do?

Seven ways that you can put some pizzazz into your old PowerPoint presentations.

1. Make it interactive

You could create a multiple-choice quiz as a training tool, for example. New employees could be given one document that explains the policies of your organization, and the presentation containing the assessment to make sure that you understood the material.

2. Create an animation

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones you draw yourself because everyone knows already that you can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

But, with a little imagination, you can create people and objects with the different shapes available to you in PowerPoint. Then you can animate them by copying and pasting them at intervals that you choose.

When you run your animation, they’ll all think you used to work for Walt Disney.

3. Embed a clip

If you’re shy about creating a home-made animation, then you could embed a clip or even a movie in one of your slides.

This can be particularly effective for showing your audience what is occurring in other parts of your company, or innovations in your industry.

4. Change the font style, color, and size

This simple change can breathe new life into your presentation. Think of it as repainting a room.

5. Replace the pictures

It’s amazing how easy it is for your presentation to look dated. Fashion, hairstyles, cars, computers, and celebrities all change with the times.

If the pictures in your old presentations aren’t up to date, then anything that you say will also seem out-of-touch with reality.

6. Adjust the layout

You may be responsible for showing the same presentation year in, and year out. Maybe it’s about customer service, safety, or security.

You can use the same content as you did before, but if you rearrange it, then you’re audience will be more likely to pay attention, because it will be, in effect, a new presentation.

7. Change the order

Quite often improve your PowerPoint design simply by putting your slides in a different order. Not only will this force you to connect your ideas a little differently, but it will also keep you falling into the same rut as in were in the last time you presented this material.

These tips will save you the time of creating a new PowerPoint Presentation and let you use that old content you already invested the time in.