3 Simple Design Tips for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

Simplicity Works: When looking at how to structure your PowerPoint it is always good to keep in mind that simplicity is key. PowerPoint software has a lot to offer in terms of tools to use for what you are creating however it is important to not get ahead of yourself and use all these tools at one time. The ultimate purpose of your PowerPoint is to convey the message that you want your audience to remember. Make your presentation unique but functional.

Remember the Text: While PowerPoint’s can be fun and exciting when learning how to create one, it is important to not stray away from the message that you want you audience to take away. The way that you insert the text into the slide will be the difference between a useful slide and a slide that loses the audience’s attention. Two main things to remember is to use text that is easily readable from the back of the room and to not use more than 6 lines of text on one slide.

Use Caution when using Stock Photos: There is no question that stock images are used regularly by everyone when creating material for presentations, but sometimes they can be more of a distraction than addition. When images uploaded incorrectly stock images can stand out and take the audience’s attention away from the content while they zone out to look at the picture. In the end it is better to have no images in your presentation than to have the wrong ones.